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About Kleinburg Vision Centre

At Kleinburg Vision Centre, we focus on detailed eye exams that help to assess, diagnose and manage ocular diseases and disorders of the eye.   The doctors at Kleinburg Vision Centre are passionate about early diagnosis and prevention.  They are passionate about providing up to date education and research to help patients understand the various diseases and conditions of the eye.  Our mantra is To Treat Our Patients The Same Way We Would Want To Be Treated.  This mantra holds true for us and can be seen in the detail, attention and patient education the doctors provide during the eye examinations.

The education we provide to our patients will help empower them to manage their eye health and make informed decisions about any devices they use for their eyes (i.e. glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses etc).  By always informing our patients about eye health issues, we are committing ourselves to preventative eye care.

The doctors work with all health care providers to give our patients a flawless and integrated health care approach.

The Kleinburg Vision Centre’s Mission –

To improve the lives of all our patients by providing the best possible eye care. Our vision is to help yours.
Commitment to our mission statement allows us to provide the best eye care for our patients from the moment they enter the clinic to the moment they leave.  We customize a specific plan and therapeutic protocol for each individual patient.
We want our patients to leave our clinic feeling better than when they entered. 

This is a philosophy that we believe in and practice in our daily lives.

At Kleinburg Vision Centre all your visual and optical needs are met. We incorporate all aspects of optometry from the comprehensive eye examinations, detailed testing with our up-to-date technology and all visual needs such as glasses and/or contact lenses.

Part of your experience will be to meet our visual stylist and choose the right pair of eye glasses for your needs. We have different brands, stylish frames, lightweight frames and protective sun wear for you to choose from. Our visual stylists and Optometrists work together to find the right fit for you.

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