5 Powerful Ways To Manage Dry Eyes

5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Manage Dry Eyes

Got dry eyes?

Don’t be surprised – it’s winter time!

Dry eyes are something we regularly help patients with especially during the winter months.  Dry eyes can cause discomfort and make it very difficult if you spend your day doing any type of activity, from watching the kids, watching TV, or being on your smartphone.

During the winter months we spend our days in heated homes and offices and in heated cars leading to dry environments which can ultimately affect how our eyes feel.

During your comprehensive eye examination, your optometrist will check for dry eyes and discuss options to help manage the dryness if it exists.  Below are a few simple and practical tips that you can use to help manage dry eyes during the winter months.

Ready? Here we go.

1.     Artificial Tears

Artificial tears are a great way to add lubrication to the front surface of the eyes.  There are many different brands out there and finding the right one can sometimes be daunting.  Talk to your optometrist, they can recommend the right one for you and tell you how often to use it.

2.     Use a Cool Mist Humidifier at Night

During the winter months while the heating is on the air in our homes can be especially dry.  Adding a cool mist humidifier at night can really help add some moisture to the environment which ultimately helps dry eyes.

3.     Take a Technology Break!

When looking at a computer screen, your phone or the TV for long periods of time, our blink rate decreases which means the front surface of the eye is not being effectively lubricated by the tear glands.  As a result, look away from technology to give your eyes a break.  Give yourself a general rule: for every one hour of work, take a 10-minute break.

4.     Remove Eye Makeup DAILY!

As common and simple as this sounds, it’s alarming to see how many patients avoid this simple step.  Eye makeup can block our tear glands making it difficult for our natural tears to keep the front surface of the eye lubricated.  Removing eye make up every day ensures our tear glands can do their job effectively and keep moisture on our eyes.

5.     Take a Contact Lens Break…Regularly

Although most contact lenses today (especially dailies) are healthy if worn correctly, you should still give your eyes a break.  When you come home from work, or on the weekends, put your glasses on instead.  That gives the front surface of your eyes a break and allows the natural tears in our eyes to lubricate our corneas.

Eye Care Recap

Ultimately, remember that these are practical tips to help you get started.  You should always consult your optometrist to seek medical advice that’s tailored to you.

Dry eyes are uncomfortable and, in some cases, irritable.  Know that you don’t have to live with it.  There are plenty of solutions out there that you should explore.

Find the right one for you by speaking with your optometrist.


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