Our doctors, Drs. Nishi Khullar and Neeru Khullar, have been practicing in the field of optometry for a combined 18 years. They both fell in love with the Village of Kleinburg and its people when they attended a festival in the fall of 2000.  It has been a dream of theirs to set-up a clinic in this amazing community.  The doctors have received a warm welcome from the community and are excited to grow with their patients in this amazing area.

Drs. Nishi and Neeru Khullar are well experienced and have treated many different eye diseases and disorders.  They are comfortable with all age ranges and recommend that children as young as six months get regular eye examinations.  Drs. Nishi and Neeru Khullar focus on delivering a comprehensive eye examination where the needs of the patients are addressed.

What makes Drs. Nishi and Neeru Khullar different from other optometrists is the amount of time and effort they put into educating, counselling and building a long term relationships with their patients.

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