Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices that are placed on the anterior segment of your eye (i.e. your cornea) to allow clear vision.  Contact lenses are used by millions of people worldwide.

Contact lenses are a good options for patients wanted to use corrective lenses while doing outdoor activities and sports.  They offer a larger field of vision since there is no restriction to the peripheral vision of the patient.

There are two types of contact lenses: hard and soft.  Soft lenses are larger and are made of a flexible plastic polymer material that can be bent.  Hard lenses, rigid gas permeables (RGP), are smaller in size and are made out of a more durable material that cannot be bent.  Soft lenses are ideal for first time wears or frequent disposable lenses (i.e. daily contact lenses).  These contacts are very comfortable and easy to use and clean.  Over wear or incorrect use of soft contacts can increase the risk of infections, inflammation and dry eyes.  Some soft contact lenses are better than others and may help to reduce this risk.  Hard lenses are less comfortable initially but become just as comfortable over a short period of time.  Hard lenses offer more oxygen to the eye than soft lenses but can be harder to clean and use. RGP’s provide patients with clear and crisp vision because they are custom made for each patient.  RGP’s are ideal for patients with higher prescriptions, significant astigmatism especially corneal disease like keratoconus.

We can assess each patient individually to see which option would suit them best based on the patient’s lifestyle and visual demands.  Our doctors are highly educated and highly skilled to fit and examine soft and hard contact lenses in the eye.  For all new contact lens patients, we provide an extensive teaching session to learn how to put contacts lenses in and out of the eye and how to properly care for and clean them.

What do I need to do if I want to get contact lenses?

Our doctors will assess any patient wishing to get contact lenses based on their needs and prescription to see which type of contact lenses would give the best results.  We would perform a special contact lenses exam to determine what is best for our patient.  This exam also allows patients to try multiple different contact brands to see which one they prefer in terms of comfort.  You can contact us anytime to discuss contact lenses or to book an exam.

Are contact lenses safe to wear all the time?

We do not recommend wearing contact lenses all the time.  To prevent eye infections and inflammations, we recommend wearing your contact lenses 4-5 days a week for approx. 7-8 hours daily.  This gives your eyes 2-3 days off to recover and to allow more oxygen to the eye.  Contact lenses are a great option but if not carefully worn can and will cause significant vision and eye health issues.  We can help assess if your eyes are still healthy to wear contact lenses and if any changes need to be made.