Prescription glasses help to improve visual ability to see things at a close and far distance.  We pride ourselves on using advanced computerized technology to help assess the prescription of your eyes.  This advanced computerized technology allows us to be far more accurate than traditional techniques.  An accurate and precise measurement of your glasses and/or contact lens prescription is essential to comfortable and clear vision.  A prescription that is not accurate can result in headaches, eye strain, dizziness, painful eyes etc.  Our doctors spend the extra time to ensure they have the best possible prescription to help you function on a daily basis.

We offer a number of high quality brands that are stylish and functional.  Such brands include: Lindberg, Vanni, Nature eyes, Rayban, Versace, Maui Jim.   We are expecting a number of NEW brands in the coming weeks.

What lenses do you use in my glasses?

We only use the best lenses in the industry.  We offer Zeiss, Hoya and Nikon lenses.  These brands are the best in the industry and have perfected the art of lens making.  We believe in providing our patients with the best lenses in the industry to ensure the best possible vision.  All our lenses come with industry certificated and tested anti-reflection and scratch coatings at no extra charge.  These coating are essential as they help to prevent glare from computer screen, screens on other devices, overhead lights, headlights from cars etc.  The glare from these various sources can cause blurry vision and your eyes to feel uncomfortable.  This is why we believe all lenses should come with theses coatings to give you the best quality vision.  Lenses that are not good quality will cause eye strain, headaches, dizziness and blurry vision.  Low quality lenses may cause your eye muscles to strain more and cause your eyes to get tried faster.  This is not good for your eyes in the long run and can cause significant eye fatigue issues.


What do you think about getting prescription glasses online?

The online industry has definitely provided a good option to patients in need of glasses.  But are these lenses safe for your eyes to use? A study conducted by the American Optometric Association found the following issues when buying glasses online:  45% of patients had incorrect prescriptions on their lenses, 19% of adult patient’s lenses failed impact resistance testing and 25% of children’s lenses failed impact resistance testing.  Impact resistance testing allows us to ensure the lens is safe and will not shatter when hit with a blunt object.  If this is not tested, there is a risk the lens may shatter in the patients eye causes possible vision loss.  Also most often, lenses bought online are of low quality so they often can cause strain, discomfort, blurry vision etc.  Apart from the lenses, specific measurements are needed such as PD, seg heights, optical centers for your glasses to be made specifically for your facial structure.  If these measurements are inaccurate than patients can experience significant eye strain and dizziness.  These are just some of the reasons that buying glasses online can be harmful to your eyes.  You only have one set of eyes, we advise you to take care of them by using good quality products.


I want glasses to use at my computer screen and to read paperwork, what options do I have?

There are many different options in terms of lenses for your glasses that can help in specific distance and environments.  We can offer task specific lenses that can help at the particular distance you need to use glasses for.  Theses glasses can make working at home or at work much more comfortable.