Lasik and Refractive surgeries

Lasik is a procedure that changes the shape of the anterior structure of your eye (i.e. cornea) in order to improve your vision at distance.  This procedure can be done by two techniques called Wavefront guided Lasik or PRK.  Both procedures yield excellent results for most patients.  In order to have Lasik or PRK you have to first be checked to see if you are a candidate for these procedures.  We can check to see if you will be a good candidate based on the health of your eyes and your prescription.  We work with the surgeons at Bochner, TLC and Herzig to ensure you get the best possible results.  Choosing a good refractive surgery center is imperative to your outcome.  We can recommend which surgery center is best for you and discuss the procedure and processes with you.  We also provide our patients with Post -Operative care to monitor how your eyes heal once you have had the surgery.